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Ristorante Damiano Re-Opens as Carmelina’s North End on Hanover Street

Carmelina’s North End – 307 Hanover St.

The latest news on Hanover Street is this week’s opening of Carmelina’s North End restaurant at 307 Hanover Street. It’s actually a re-opening of Ristorante Damiano by owner and chef Damien DiPaola. In a Facebook posting, he says,

It was alot of fun doing “Piattini” for three years at Damiano, and we did it with gusto and we did it the right way. Times change and trends come and go. It was time to re-invent Damiano and nothing could be better than bringing back tradition, love, and passion with Carmelina’s North End. The menu combines my mothers best dishes, my fathers best dishes, and my best dishes, with strong mediterranean and Siclilian influence.

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Another North End restaurant re-opening is expected in February 2012 by DePasquale Ventures at Mare. The restaurant will be renamed from Mare Natural Coastal to Mare Oyster Bar. The location on the corner of North & Richmond Streets (135 Richmond St.) is currently closed undergoing renovations. The opening brings a second oyster bar to the North End, after Neptune Oyster on Salem Street.