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Municipal Court To Hear About Alleged Violations By Boston Gliders Segway Tours

Post hearing update: The judge added more “Segway on sidewalks” violations, 21 total (up from 6) with an additional 70-90 alleged violations to be heard … continued until 2/24/12. From the DA’s office after December 6, 2011 court appearance:

BMC Judge Raymond Dougan, Jr., continued the DANLEY arraignment to Feb. 24 over prosecutors’ objections.  Danley had been scheduled to appear on six violations of a city ordinance against operating Segways and other similar devices on city sidewalks; the judge today indicated that he now faces a total of 21 such violations, with an additional 70 to 90 alleged violations to be heard at an upcoming clerk’s hearing.  Danley’s attorney said that he will argue to dismiss the case, and a hearing on that motion will be heard in courtroom 10 on Feb. 23.

From the December 6, 2011 Suffolk District Attorney’s Advisory:

ALLEN DANLEY of the tour group Boston Gliders is expected to appear in the Boston Municipal Court today following citations by Boston Police for allegedly operating a group of Segways on the sidewalk in violation of a city ordinance.  A clerk magistrate found six “electric personal assistive mobility device” violations after a hearing sought by the BPD Hackney Unit.  The case will be heard in the BMC arraignment session and, as usual, there is no set time for the proceedings.

According to the regulations passed by the City Council and signed by Mayor Menino last June, Segway tours are only allowed on public roads.

12/7/11 Update: The Boston Globe’s Metrodesk column reports today that 10 Segway accidents have been registered in the past year according to Boston EMS.

“Boston EMS spokeswoman Jennifer Mehigan said there were 10 Segway-related injuries in Boston from December 2010 to December 2011. … “There were nine reports of injuries from falls from Segway, and one injury from car hitting person on Segway,” Mehigan said.”

All defendants are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty in a court of law.

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