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Pachyderm Party! Elephants Feed on Hanover Street

(Photo by Mary Marenghi)
(Photo by Mary Marenghi)

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey’s ‘biggest’ performers had lunch in the North End today. Nine elephants took a stroll from Causeway Street to Hanover Street to dine on some special treats – Pachyderm Pizza’s loaded with all the traditional fare from Mike’s Pastry and F&B Produce. This means elephant sized pizza pies boasting 40 loaves of bread, 30 “bunches” of bananas, 30 lbs of apples, 3
bushels of carrots and 10 watermelons.

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3 Replies to “Pachyderm Party! Elephants Feed on Hanover Street

  1. The PETA stunt with someone in an elephant costume with a "boycott the circus " patch standing out in front of St. John's elementary school and getting the parents to unwittingly have young children ( Kindergarten & first grade) pose for pictures was an outrageously sleazy move. Then again that seems to be PETA's MO.
    LEAVE THE KIDS ALONE AND LET THEM ENJOY BEING A KIDS. There is plenty of time when they get older ( i.e young ADULTS) for them to form their own opinions and get involved with political movements OF THEIR CHOOSING.
    Would you prefer the elephants be put back in the wild to be slaughtered for their tusks? Give it a rest!

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