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Local Author’s Books Parallel Nuclear Smuggling Terror Threats

Jim Ring, resident of Boston’s North End and author of Necessary Assets, was ahead of the curve when he brought light to the issue of a black market in nuclear material and the threat that it represents to the United States. Last week, the Boston Herald published an Associated Press story and SkyNews video about the Russian Read More…

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Necessary Assets: Keeping Our Perspective

It is difficult to follow news of the recent Paris terrorist attack without having our own negative emotional response. We feel anger, disgust at the barbarity of the event, helplessness, and yes, even fear. We again must face the fact that life is truly fragile and terrorism is a concrete threat to all no matter Read More…

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Necessary Assets: Ebola Reveals Heroes

Professional sports figures generally serve as heroes for only a short time depending on their ability to sustain an extraordinary high level of play and good health. We raise these athletes to hero status because they have done something we and most others cannot. They add value to our sports entertainment lives. Who are our Read More…

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From Al-Qaeda Offshoot to Caliphate

The Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (IS) advertises its murderous, brutal, and inhuman behavior to the world through its internet postings and social media. They offer video tapes of their outrageous conduct including two beheadings of captured news reporters. IS does what every terrorist aspires to achieve; instill fear in anyone who would oppose Read More…

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Retired FBI Agent and Local Author James Ring Talks “Necessary Assets” at North End Library

In front of a neighborhood audience, author and retired FBI agent James Ring described the “inspired” fiction of his novel, Necessary Assets, at a Saturday afternoon book reading hosted by the Friends group at the North End Branch Library. A longtime North End resident, Ring incorporated many neighborhood features into the book despite the broader Read More…

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Local Author Book Talk “Necessary Assets” by James Ring at North End Library on November 23rd

New, local author James Ring Event Come hear retired FBI agent and long term North End Resident James Ring speak about his new novel NECESSARY ASSETS. Saturday, November 23rd from 1:00 – 3:00 North End Branch Library

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Local Former FBI Agent, James Ring, Publishes Terror Plot Novel, “Necessary Assets”

Necessary Assets is a newly published novel that hits home by James Ring, former FBI agent and longtime resident of Boston’s North End. Fresh off the press (and Kindle), the fictional terror plot centers on an unusual alliance between a modernized Sicilian Mafia and retired FBI agent character, Mark Patrick. The reader travels with the Read More…