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Reader Poll: Would You Take a COVID-19 Vaccine?

Several companies nationwide are working to find a vaccine for the Coronavirus. A few have reached clinical trial stage, including Cambridge-based Moderna, which is now running early-stage trials. A recent article in the New England Journal of Medicine said that Moderna’s experimental coronavirus vaccine stimulated an immune response in older patients without causing serious side effects, noting this is a good sign as COVID-19 appears to be more lethal in older people.

While some individuals are eager to get the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as it’s available, others are wary of trying a newly-developed vaccine for a novel virus.

What do you think? Would you receive a COVID-19 vaccine? Vote in our poll and add your comments in the section below!

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5 Replies to “Reader Poll: Would You Take a COVID-19 Vaccine?

  1. My guess it will be harder to get than Bruce Springsteen tickets. Might be more dangerous getting infected while you wait for the vaccine. J&J is beginning a trial on an oral vaccine.

  2. Here’s something. “Shares of Moderna climbed in premarket, after the drugmaker said late on Tuesday that early-stage data suggest its Covid-19 vaccine candidate generates neutralizing antibodies in older and elderly adults at levels comparable to those of younger adults.”

    Some of these vaccines take two shots, one month apart. Not sure whether Moderna is in that group. Early results from the J&J trial might come along fast as the pill is a single does which should build anti-bodies within the two weeks.

  3. As long as the guy in the WH you know the same person who suggested injecting bleach and disenfectants is still in office and pressuring scientists to cut corners and and fast track a vaccine to help him get reelected I would not take any vaccines.

    1. Like find the Guinea pig for that test. I heard they got some one in NY to try it. I was hoping they could get Congress to try it.

      1. That’s a great idea of letting Congress to be the first to try any vaccine. Still haven’t agreed to Another stimulus bill and they start another recess on Monday. What a racket.

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