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Family to Hold Swabbing Event for Girl Needing Bone Marrow Transplant Match

The D’Amore and DiPrizio families are holding a swabbing event to find a bone marrow transplant match for Giovanna Grace. “Gigi” has been diagnosed with Mendelian Susceptibility which is a rare immune deficiency that causes severe infections.

The father, Victor D’Amore, is the nephew of North End resident Natalina Tizzano and Gigi’s mother is Angela DiPrizio. The family is unfortunately not a match.

The swabbing event is on October 4th from 1-3pm at 190 Main St. in Saugus, Mass. Anyone can come and get swabbed to see if they are a match. If you cannot attend, you can sign up and have a kit sent to your home. To learn more about the process, go to