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Weekly Top Reads: Schools, Virtual Flight of the Angel, Rectory Conversion, Police Update, Zoning Board Nominees Rejected, Women’s Right to Vote Anniversary

This week’s top posts on featured schools, virtual celebrations, development, police, government, and more! Read on below to see the most popular articles from the past week.

Boston Public Schools Plan For Reopening [COVID-19 Weekly Update]

Boston Public Schools (BPS) have been carefully considering their options for reopening, and have ruled out in-person learning for now. Mayor Walsh stated that the City has provided BPS with plexiglass and vinyl separators to protect students and staff. Read more here. Note: This article was published Saturday, Aug. 15. It has since been announced that all Boston Public Schools will start remotely, but will aim to transition to a hybrid model starting in October. Read more here.

Angel Flies Virtually At The Fisherman’s Feast

As part of the 110th Fisherman’s Feast, the Society of Madonna del Doccorso di Sciacca taped a virtual version of its famous Flight of the Angel. The society also held a small blessing with Fr. Michael Della Penna of St. Leonard Church at the outdoor chapel in Boston’s North End. Read more and watch the video.

Open Letter To Mayor Walsh On The Proposed St. Leonard Rectory Conversion

Saint Leonard Church parishioner Thomas F. Schiavoni shares a letter opposing the conversion of the former St. Leonard Rectory on N. Bennet St. to luxury condominiums, describing the proposed installation of balconies as confrontative, disruptive, and an existential threat to a sacred space and house of worship. Read more here.

Wharf District Council Police Update: Larcenies, Vehicle Break-Ins, Disorderly Conduct

Boston Police Department (BPD) Sergeant Steven Moy, provided a police report at the August Wharf District Council (WDC) meeting. Recent incidents include bike thefts, disturbing the peace, and vehicle breaking and entering. Read more here.

City Council Rejects Zoning Board Nominees; Mayor Walsh Warns Inaction Could Halt Development In Boston

The City Council voted seven-to-five in favor of rejecting Mayor Marty Walsh’s three zoning board nominees. Councilor Wu suggested that the City Council exercise their oversight authority and properly vet the board member nominees. By rejecting the nominees without prejudice, the denied nominees would still be eligible to be appointed. Read more here.

Editor’s Choice

Neighborhood Photo: 100th Anniversary Of Women’s Right To Vote

The North End/Waterfront Parents’ Association organized a small parade to celebrate the 100th anniversary of women gaining the right to vote on August 18. The community members celebrated with banners, noisemakers, and of course masks to comply with pandemic guidelines. Read more here.