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Reader Poll: How Do You Feel About the Return of College Students Amid COVID-19?

September 1 is quickly approaching and with it, the annual return of college students to the Boston area. In recent years, this has meant a notable increase in Boston’s population, with students living both on campus and in rented city apartments. In 2018, the Globe noted more than 136,000 students would be moving in at the start of September.

This year, as the Coronavirus pandemic continues, this number will be significantly less, as many colleges are scaling back in-person classes and activities. Some universities are allowing only some students to return to campus, such as those who must do in-person research to meet graduation requirements, or who, due to personal circumstances, rely upon on-campus services. Read several college plans here.

Many institutions have announced plans for regular COVID-testing of their students, both those living on and off-campus. Colleges are also working on strategies to eliminate student parties. Boston College is hiring Boston Police detail to help keep an eye on and break up parties.

With these de-densifying measures and COVID-19 guidelines in place, how do you feel about college students returning to Boston this fall? Vote in our poll and add your comments in the section below!

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  1. Well I was very concerned about the return of the college students but I feel much more secure now knowing that MR Pillow is working on a supplement to prevent the spread of Covoid-19.

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