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Neighborhood Photos: N. Washington St. Bridge Demolition

Demolition of the N. Washington St. bridge began last week after traffic shifted to a temporary bridge as part of the new bridge construction project. Since then, readers have been sharing photos of the work being done to dismantle the old bridge.

Photo by Elizabeth.

Elizabeth shared a farewell to the old bridge saying, “good bye after over 100 years of service. This swing girder steel bridge has been service since 1900. The bridge was a favorite background for several movies including Brinks Job, and The Town. The hum sound of auto tires as they cross the grated surface will be a memory of our past. As well as the elevated orange line crossing the bridge. Anyone have a favorite story?”

As of Friday, July 24, 20% of the center span of the existing bridge had been removed. Below, you can see part of the bridge being hauled away.

Photo by Paul Foster.

On Thursday, Friday July 30, more pieces of the bridge were removed as spotted by Adam Castiglioni.

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