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Poem: “America is Dying”

White Cells are killing Black Cells and Red Cells are left to die in the Body Contaminate
If America is One Body, One Voice forwarding the Civilized Discourse.

America is dying.
And The Founding Fathers are crying.

More and More Money to Money
And Shit to the Bucket
And Rosevelt is crying

Confederate Flags are flying
Empowering the fight for slavery
And The Blessed Union Dead are crying

With Malice towards all
And Charity to only the Lonely
And Lincoln is crying.

One out of five children
go to bed hungry
And Eleanor is crying.

Fascism is rising
Autocrats are thriving
The Dead of D Day are crying

America Loves You White
Black, Red or Yellow Is fading
And Doctor King is crying.

The last and best hope
for humanity is dying
And humanity is crying

My heart breaks and
a Feeling of hopelessness
Numbs my brains
And my therapist is crying.

America can not breath
And Screams I can not breath
And I am crying.

I am Dying
And America is crying.
The Authors are in eternity.

By Ralph Indrisano. Dedicated to the great heart and Love of Ann Condon Therapist, Friend and Sister; Co-Dedication to my psychiatrist Doctor Barry Roth welcomes commentaries on community issues via email to Opinions are those solely of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of or other writers on this site. Responses to this commentary can be posted below in the comment section.

One Reply to “Poem: “America is Dying”

  1. Like Lazarus
    America is rising
    And marching
    And kneeling
    And trying
    to stay on the path
    of Freedom & Justice..

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