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Photo Gallery: Boston’s Empty Streets During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The beginning of Spring would normally have the North End and downtown Boston streets bustling with locals and visitors taking in the season after a long Winter. As the business shutdowns and stay-at-home advisories associated with the COVID-19 outbreak have gone into effect, the streets are very quiet with very few moving vehicles, and only a smattering of social distancing locals walking around. All the tourist and community sites are nearly abandoned as shown in these daytime photos from around town.

Photos by Matt Conti.

4 Replies to “Photo Gallery: Boston’s Empty Streets During the COVID-19 Pandemic

  1. As a lifelong resident of the most lively bustling neighborhood in Boston, perhaps even in America, these fabulous photos tell the whole story. Hoping and praying that it will come back to life soon.
    Thank you, Matt, for this visual reality. Stay well.

  2. Beautiful photos, Matt! There is a poem that most people have read called “Lockdown” by Richard Hendricks. I found it to be very encouraging. What an incredible job the North End is doing during this crisis!

    1. Beautiful photos Matt. Reminds me of an old Harry Belafonte movie from the 50s called The world, the flesh, and the Devil. Belafonte wakes up in NY City and finds he is the only person in the city. He searches the city trying to find another human being. I NEVER thought that I would miss being stuck in a traffic jam.

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