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Presidential Primary Results: Joe Biden Wins Boston and Massachusetts

Massachusetts voters took to the polls along with thirteen other states to cast their ballots in the Presidential Primary on March 3rd, also known as Super Tuesday.

In Boston’s Democratic Primary, Former Vice President Joe Biden narrowly came out on top with 30.11% of the vote (43,210 ballots), beating out candidate Bernie Sanders who had 30.07% of the vote (43,154). Elizabeth Warren came in third with 27.31% (39,188). On the Republican ballot in Boston, President Trump was the favorite with 81.84% of the vote (6,469) and William Weld came in second with 12.42% (982 votes).

All City results are unofficial from Boston.gov, with 100% precincts reporting. View the results for ward committee here.

The State of Massachusetts followed a similar trend to the City of Boston. As of 7 a.m. Wednesday morning, the Boston Globe reports Joe Biden winning the Democratic Primary with 33.7% (425,543), Sanders in second with 26.6% (336,187) and Warren in third with 21.2% (268,337). The Republican results for Massachusetts show Trump with 87.7% (212,960) and Weld with 9.3% (22,702). These results are with 90.89% reporting.

In the Democratic Primary, Biden also won Alabama, Arkansas, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. Sanders won his home state of Vermont as well as Colorado and Utah. Maine and California have been declared too close to call. See full results for each state on the Boston Globe.

16 Replies to “Presidential Primary Results: Joe Biden Wins Boston and Massachusetts

    1. C because he thought that as a billonaire he could just cheat and buy an election and he failed. Maybe he should just rerun again for mayor in New York. And there’s no reason why the Boston Pops Spectucular is shown now on his channel. Elizabeth Warren at least competed alongside the other folks she’s crazy but not that bad honestly. Pelosi is a church lady.

      Michael D

    2. C. He dropped a bundle on Super Tuesday and got no return. Though, he will cry all the way to the bank as his daily gig is better. Followed by A, she didn’t deliver and I think she is out now. But she raised a lot of money and will also cry all the way to the bank. Her backers will just cry as they get nothing. B still has a respectable delegate total has the potential to really screw up Biden’s chances. He might have to accept Warren as running mate. Sort of a Sarah Pallen rerun.

  1. 1) The senator from Vermont ain’t done yet, he’s raising more money for the expensive states to come. Those southern states are bogus with Donnie and the 1 % Republicans, along with no competition . Biden won those states for a reason because they all know Trump will destroy him. And because he’s old school. Every state from next week on will be divided.

  2. Well my question is how does anyone vote for a guy who is 79 ,had a heart attack recently and refuses to release his medical records. Wait for people to find out that Sanders spent his honeymoon in Moscow! Who spends their honeymoon in Moscow? Sanders only becomes a Democrat every 4 years. Fidel Castro is no longer with us or he would have endorsed Sanders.

    1. I hope feel the Bern does get it he deserves it. He’s also not mentioned about being a part of Urkaine like Hunter is or lied about being something he’s not ( Native American) . They’re nervous that B is evolving. Even Trump’s tweets about Bernie is beneficial.

    2. Michael D Luckily that heart attack was mild, I would think he should think about giving updates about his health. Along with future candidates who are up there. Joe is 77 he should be as well. He’s not really all there either (either as just him). Right now Bernie has my word.

    3. It’s an old story, like chicken in every pot. I think that was Howie Long and wasn’t he assassinated. Must have come up a few chickens short. What appeals to some people is all the free offers. He has been deliberately vague about where the money will come from. After all the existing Medicare is not free and requires supplemental insurances since it is not comprehensive either. He is hiding the reality the the first Trust Fund runs out of money, in 2026, just 6 years before the Social Security trusts start running dry. I use the word “hide” because this is happening as he is a sitting senator and he hasn’t done much. In fact, Bloomburg said during the debate he hasn’t done anything as a senator. This is the strongest labor market in recent times, so I guess some hopeless suckers will go for him. Also, he wants drug legalization, so if you are hooked, he looks pretty good.

      1. Legalize Marijuana ” a type of drug” that shouldn’t be considered one you mean and I don’t do drugs. I think Bernie would want to do something about the opioid crisis.

        1. T-Mobile Sprint Also young voters like me I’m 21 should be getting out those polls. They should be. That’s almost mostly why Donnie will win again. Those reds could care less about our plan.

  3. Boston Strong , Joe is a decent guy who has had his share of losses . First wife, daughter , Son Beau. What scares me about Joe & what should scare the Democratic party is Joe isn’t the brightest bulb on the tree & I have serious doubts that he can hold it together. Especially now that the herd has been trimmed to two. Joe in a two hour debate could be real problematic.

    1. Biden is the choice for people who feel they have no choice. He does get their main issue, where after their last election he claimed that the Democrats lost working class people rather that Russian hackers and wiki leaks scourge. He was spot on, but out of step with the rest of the party. He has focused his campaign on unions, but they are only 14% of the workforce. Dukakis picked him apart in 88. Didn’t debate, but launched offensive that would make Carl Rove blush. If Trump hires John Sasso to run his campaign, he will blow out his Depends. His main attribute, his light might be dim, but his opponent is “Berned out”.

  4. ,”Berned out” I like that. If Sanders got the nomination the Republicans have a treasure trove of comments that Sanders made or wrote about. This is cranky stubborn old man. He is having problems attracting African American voters so what does he do? He pulls a know show at the March in Selma Alabama two days before Super Tuesday. What was he thinking? Even Bloomberg was there along with all the candidates except Comrade Bernie.

    1. Sanders was originslly from Brooklyn, when his family left for Vermont as part of “the white flight”. Vermont isn’t known for its diversity. Biden was Obama’s choice as VP. He will do better with African-American voters. Neither does well with younger voters, who appear not to be bothered with elections.

  5. Bernie , lures them to his rallies with promises of health care for all, free college tuition for all free child care and wipe out all student debt. None of those proposals will ever happen.

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