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Jigsaw Picture Puzzle: Cleveland Place

For this week’s puzzle, it’s a night photo from the unique Cleveland Place in Boston’s North End.

*Rotating pieces! SELECT each piece first, then rotate it to the proper orientation. (With Touch: TAP on the piece and select right or left; With Mouse: CLICK on the piece first to select it, then right-click to rotate).
Move and drag the pieces around just like a regular jigsaw puzzle. When two pieces are connected, they will click together. If you are “missing” a piece, move the other pieces aside to look behind them.
Helpful guides can be found in the lower left icons.
Challenge yourself to solve the puzzle in the shortest amount of time!

5 Replies to “Jigsaw Picture Puzzle: Cleveland Place

  1. Maybe readers should write in with the time it takes them to complete the puzzle? I am interested in seeing if my time is reasonable compared to others. Of course, I will give my time only if I can solve the puzzle quickly!

    1. If you click on the puzzle piece in the lower right of the box, you will go to the Jigsaw Planet site where you will see the times of those who have completed the puzzle. Thanks for playing!

    2. It took me 45 minutes. Rotating the pieces is a new level of complexity. I use a very old ipad. I once lived there, so I was very inspired.

  2. Don’t like the puzzles you have to rotate. Don’t do them. High Janet (your little sister)!

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