Boston’s Ward Three Elects 35 Individuals

As Boston residents went to the polls during last Tuesday’s Presidential Primary, thousands voted down ballot to elect a new Ward Committees throughout the Commonwealth. In Boston’s Ward Three, 35 men and women were elected to a four-year term.

Registered Democrats in Ward 3 also held a caucus at the Nazzaro Community Center on Saturday March 7 to elect 30 delegates to attend the 2020 Massachusetts Democratic Nominating Convention. The Convention will be held on Saturday, May 30, 2020 at the Tsongas Center at UMass Lowell. Democrats from across the Commonwealth will gather to discuss party priorities and vote on candidates for the US Senate ahead of the September primary.

Elected Ward Three Democratic Committee 

Aaron MichlewitzJason AluiaBlake Webber, Patrick Packy LyonsKaren Ventola D’AmicoLuigi G. NataleJohn Pregmon, Nicholas Scimeca, Michael BonettiKathryn BurtonElizabeth Corcoran-Hunt, Tina Abate, Mary Ann D’Amato, Francine Gannon, James Gannon, Bill Ferullo, Janine CoppolaKathy Carangelo-D’Amore, Provie DiGirolamo, Marc Hymovitz, Maria Michelwitz, Stephen PassacantilliMaria LanzaFrank UlipConor Finley,Christopher Betke, Daniel Toscano, Dino DiFronzo, James Chan, Bob DelloRusso, Daniel Passacantilli, Stephen ChanRoss LevantoSally StrnisteJoanne Hayes-Rines

Delegates Elected at Caucus 

Maryann D’Amato, Janine CoppolaMeghan BraggLuigi G. NataleLauren NelsonKathryn BurtonElizabeth Corcoran-HuntStephen Passacantilli, Daniel Toscano, Christopher BreenRoss LevantoMaria MichlewitzBlake Webber, Dino DiFronzo, Naomi Alberly, Michael BonettiJames Chan, Marc Hymovitz, Dominique Salogar, Olivia Olivia Costa ScimecaMaria LanzaConor Finley, Patrick Packy LyonsJohn Pregmon, Tina Abate. Robert DelloRusso, Bonnie McGilpin, Sal Bartolo, Darlene RomanoCheri Hill

3 Replies to “Boston’s Ward Three Elects 35 Individuals

  1. What about Jason from St Anthony’s ? He’s a great man. And Aaron ? Those two got robbed I’m sorry. They have great relations and respect for the North End and for the city. Good luck to the rest to whom i know and know of.

  2. HI. Thank you for the kind words. Aaron and I are automatic ex-officio delegates due to my role as Chairman of the Ward Committee and he as an elected State Representative.

    Thanks again.

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