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Police Blotter: Pharmacy Theft and Power Outage

The following are recent incidents reported by Boston Police District A-1 for the North End / Waterfront area.

01/08/20 7:12 p.m.
Male suspect stole a box of condoms from a Hanover St. pharmacy. Suspect was stopped by responding police officers. The item was retrieved and returned to the store. Suspect to be summonsed to court.

A North End resident also reported a fire/explosion near the Endicott Triangle (at Endicott, Cross, and Stillman Streets). As a result, the resident stated over 680 residents were without power the first weekend of January. Automated alerting from the Boston Fire Department (not affiliated with BFD) tweeted the following alert.

5 Replies to “Police Blotter: Pharmacy Theft and Power Outage

    1. I don’t think they can get condoms at school. Why are you assuming the thief was a teenager? could have been a homeless guy, a drug addict or anyone without the money or courage to buy them

  1. CVS is a magnet for people with light fingers. I remember a few years back that baby formula was the item most stolen in supermarkets. The situation got so bad that the formula had to be purchased at the customer service dept. at the stores.

    1. When they got rid of cash registers, that left the front of the store open for the grab and dash crowd. They don’t even try to hide it like the old fashion shoplifters. I’ve often wondered how many people just get frusterated with self-service nonsense and just walk off. Now this guy is going have the charges dropped because our DA won’t prosecute. So the police chasing the guy down, issuing the summons and going to court is a waste of time.

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