Arts & Culture Event Notices

Vaudeville: Voice of the City

The West End Museum will be showing the documentary “Vaudeville: Voice of the City” on December 5 at 7 p.m.

Vaudeville at the Old Howard Theatre grew out of early variety theater and minstrel shows. Tony Pastor would later coin the term and use it as a moniker for family entertainment. Much of vaudeville’s early popularity grew out of entertainment from English music halls and Yiddish theatre, and it would have a long relationship with the comedic side of burlesque.

Exhibit curator Duane Lucia will share a documentary and short video clips portraying the art form and will lead a tour of “The Old Howard Theatre” exhibit.

Entry is $10; free to museum members; Please pre-register at The entrance to the museum is on Lomasney Way, across from North Station Garage and Tip O’Neill Building.