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Tavistock Development Company to Present Plans for Commercial Wharf

Commercial Wharf and Yacht Haven – NorthEndWaterfront.com photo

Tavistock Development Company, commercial property owners along Commercial Wharf in Boston’s North End, are hosting an information session at Joe’s American Bar & Grill on Tuesday October 15 at 6 p.m. to share information about their proposed redevelopment along the pier.

Tavistock acquired commercial property along Commercial Wharf in 2016 and has been working with members of the CWECA Board to understand the property and its history. Now that they have initial concepts and ideas of how they want to redevelop buildings on the wharf, Tavistock has announced they’d like to hold a meeting to engage the larger community.

Tavistock’s current concept plans include the idea of creating an inn and restaurant in multiple buildings along the pier. One of those buildings would replace the existing Joe’s Waterfront building (Lot 8), another would replace the existing partly burned building (Lots 6 & 7).

Current plans do not include making any changes to the existing Boston Yacht Haven Inn & Marina (Lot 1).

Rendering from Tavistock Development Company website.

The proposed redevelopment also includes a new, pedestrian Harborwalk that would extend the full length of the pier. Tavistock states this will provide enhanced public access to the waterway and additional protections against flooding.

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8 Replies to “Tavistock Development Company to Present Plans for Commercial Wharf

  1. Looks like a heck of a plan to wall off the waterfront. With these buildings, plus the mega building sized yachts that have been coming in, people at the park won’t be able to see the harbor at all, just the inlet docking area at the walls edge.

  2. The increase in customer vehicular traffic, truck deliveries, and trash pick-up needed to support the two hotels and restaurants proposed for this Wharf will pose enormous public safety risks to pedestrians and bicyclists at Christopher Columbus Park, not to mention the ongoing rat problems behind Joe’s restaurant.

    1. Commercial Wharf really shouldn’t be talking public safety of others, until it gets its own house in order.

      Does anyone know what happened to that unfortunate woman?

  3. Yes, we are going to be ‘walled in’ before long. A very sad situation for Boston. Very depressing…..truly.

  4. This plan is sort of confusing. They replace Joes with what exactly. And the burned out hulk. Beyond that there are lot of lines.

  5. I’m not sure I understand why these comments are referencing that we’re now going to be “walled off”. They’re replacing existing structures. One of which burned years ago and is a terrible eyesore! They’re looking to revitalize this stretch of waterfront that’s been neglected for a decade plus and some of you are upset with that!? Amazing…..

  6. These plans look great. Commercial Wharf’s current configuration has the least amount of open space of any of the wharfs in the North End. This will drastically increase the amount of public usable space and open up the entire south side of the waterfront to pedestrians. My only complaint is that the north side remains strictly a parking lot.

    Here’s a direct link to one of the renderings that shows the improvement.

  7. The original plans for Commercial Wharf were supposed to create a harbor walk around the building. That never happened. The developer reneged on that part of the deal that granted approval, after the fact. Why has this never been pursued? Commercial Wharf is one of the few remaining pieces of the water front without a harbor walk.

    This development is doing what Commercial Wharf has failed to do. It will also replace that ugly burned out building. Im sure the nimbys will fight this tooth and nail, but it is an improvement to a wharf that is slowly sinking into the harbor

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