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Reader Poll: Will a Security Line Reward Incentivize You to Take the Boat to Logan Airport?

In an effort to get more people traveling to Logan Airport to use High Occupancy Vehicles to reduce congestion, Massport has announced a new incentive where passengers who take the MBTA ferry or water taxi to the airpot can get priority access at airport security.

These passengers will be given a “Ticket to Skip” pass to present at the security checkpoint in order to move into a preferred lane.

Will this incentive change the way you travel to Logan Airport? Vote in our poll and add your comments in the section below!

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14 Replies to “Reader Poll: Will a Security Line Reward Incentivize You to Take the Boat to Logan Airport?

  1. Never had anything against the boat except I never knew the schedule and would use the T.

  2. Massport needs to improve the bus frequency at the water terminal first. If you aren’t careful you will miss your flight, there are multiple stops that seem really unorganized and random. I work at the airport and have done it quite a bit and its different every time I go. They figure that out then it’s an awesome idea. Fingers crossed.

  3. It’s a nice idea, but it looks like for $15 I walk to Long Wharf, take the ferry, then take a shuttle to the terminal. For $10 or less I can get a Lyft or an Uber right to the terminal. Skipping the security line doesn’t seem worth the extra money and what’s probably a longer trip all together.

  4. I would use the boat if there was a departure from Charlestown (near the slip where the current MBTA boats leave (The Rookie et al),; if the schedule was posted and updated when bad weather forced a cancellation; and when the price of the trip was more reasonable especially for Seniors. The boats are a great asset and would help to relieve auto traffic to and from the airport. The MBTA needs to stop fiddling with this obvious answer and just do it.

  5. Love taking the boat, but it’s not the most time efficient or as reliable as an uber. The other problem is that it charges you per person, not on a trip basis so for two people it’s $30 but an uber is half that.

    Also, with things such as TSA pre-check, some people already basically skip the lines.

  6. I don’t think this incentive will impact residents of the North End/Waterfront area much. If you can make it to Long Wharf to catch the ferry, you can make it the Aquarium blue stop. The Blue line makes 147 trips a day to the airport and costs $2.40 while the ferry makes seven trips a day and costs $9.75. Water taxis run on demand but have unpredictable wait times and an even higher cost.

    The #1 thing Massport could do to incentivize more people to take the Blue line is to cut out the asinine trip to (and stop at) the rental car lot on your way from the T stop to the terminals. The current route adds 20+ minutes to the trip.

    1. Don’t take the 22, 33, or 55. walk to the drop off across the street and take the 88 Economy parking Doesn’t come as often but it skips rental cars and goes right to the terminal. You’ll pass the other busses on the way trust me. That rental car place is my arch nemesis.

    1. The ferry costs 4 times the price of the blue line and like you said who would take the ferry in winter?

  7. If the MBTA changed their ferry fees then maybe I would. Inner harbor from Boston to Charlestown is 3.75 but Boston to Logan is 9.75? Why?

    1. The MBTA’s affordable Charlestown ferry should be the model for all inner harbor trips to Logan, the Seaport & North Station/Lovejoy. It’s quick and reliable with service every 15 minutes during rush hour. If only they would expand the evening schedule past 8pm!

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