Local Restauranteur Filippo Frattaroli Named “Abruzzo Ambassador to the World”

The Regional Council of Abruzzo, a region in Southern Italy, has named North End restauranteur Filippo Frattaroli “Abruzzo Ambassador to the World.”

Frattaroli emigrated to Boston from Sulmona in 1970 and opened Ristorante Lucia in the North End in 1977. Since then his family has opened several local restaurants, while maintaining strong roots to Sulmona. Frattaroli purchased his own truffle and olive farm back in Abruzzo earlier this year, and produces his own wine in the region.

The article in ReteAbruzzo states that Frattaroli has “distinguished himself as a reference point for the high gastronomy of Abruzzo in the United States, without losing the link with the city that saw him born, Sulmona, indeed becoming ambassador and vehicle of Abruzzo culture abroad.”