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Sunday Afternoon Fun at the Armenian Heritage Park

The Armenian Heritage Park recently hosted a “Sunday Afternoon For Friends & Family” social. Park supporters and greeters welcomed visitors, answered questions about the park’s history and involvement in the community, and offered guidance to those curious about walking the labyrinth. Designed as an event for all ages, visitors from around the world had the chance to relax in the late summer weather.

Jason Behrens operated a table with the theme Geometry: Kids Telling A Story as part of Sun Bear Local workshop. There were a number of activities to explore and take part in, with an emphasis on imaginative play, storytelling and understanding the uses of geometry. A face-painting table, “By Anna & Elizabeth“, led to a lot of hearts and rainbows adorning cheeks and foreheads.

While the Hye Guys Ensemble played for the crowd, dancing began to break out. The melodies – reminiscent of Armenian lorke, kochari and ververi – had people smiling, spinning, and circling the labyrinth. During breaks in the music, people took the opportunity to engage in conversation; with many friends reuniting as well as new friendships being formed.

As temperatures began to rise, accompanied by the bright sunlight, children who had been playing around the fountain ran back to their parents, and families refreshed themselves in the shade. Iced tea and sweets were provided, including Hoodsie Cups which brought back a lot of memories for visitors who recalled enjoying “hoodsies” many summers ago.

Teresa, a greeter who’d helped with the initial setup, spoke about the meaning of the Abstract Sculpture’s yearly reconfiguration and of the value she finds in cross-cultural experiences. Another greeter, Bernadette, who lives in Charlestown but comes to the park frequently, offered a thought: “I often go to Celebrating What Unites Us. I told my friends about today too. I really enjoy how events like this bring people together!”