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Council President Requests Inspector General Position Be Created

The Boston City Council President Andrea Campbell is calling for the creation of an Inspector General (IG) position for city government after corruption scandals.

At the beginning of the month John Lynch, who used to work with the Boston Development and Planning Agency, pleaded guilty to taking a $50,000 bribe. Also, in July, two aides to Mayor Marty Walsh were convicted for trying to export concert organizers.  

“I think we all agree that Boston deserves to have a city government free of corruption and waste,” said Campbell. “One that is grounded in transparency and accountable to the people.”

Campbell wants an IG position created for City Hall

She insisted that the request was not in response to the recent troubles and, while there have been some concerning incidents, she does not believe that Boston is overrun by corruption.

“Boston is different from other cities in terms of how our city functions,” she said. “This position is about bringing in someone who can proactively not reactively look at our departments and how they spend their money, to make sure we have good governance.”

Her proposal states that an advisory board of seven people would appoint the position and a term is five years.

However, not everyone agreed this position was needed in City Hall.

“We have an IG for federal government, we have an IG for state government. Why do we need an IG for municipal government,” asked city councilor Althea Garrison.

Councilor Frank Baker agreed.

“I think it does infer that there are a lot of people in the city that are dirty,” he said. “This position could really grind the daily workings of City Hall to a halt.”

Councilors Lydia Edwards and Kim Janey voiced their support for the position. “It helps us do government better,” said Janey.

The request is being sent to a hearing to be scheduled at a later date.

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  1. Good idea, but I’m concerned that it’s to be an appointed position. Appointments draw cronies.

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