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MBTA Weekend Closures: Park Street, Downtown Crossing, State, Haymarket and Green Line B, C & D

Are you hoping to get around the city this weekend? Well, don’t expect to use certain parts of the MBTA.

Parts of the Red, Orange and Green line will be closed this weekend due to track improvements.

The MBTA is having station closures on the Orange, Green and Red line to work on ongoing issues from when the Red Line derailed last month as well as upgrades.

Stations to be closed include Downtown Crossing, Park Street, State, Haymarket, and Green Line branches B, C, and D.

“We know that diversions in service are an inconvenience in the short term, but these shutdowns will allow us to quicken the pace of investments in the system,” MBTA General Manager Steve Poftak said in a statement.

For the Orange Line, the stations Downtown Crossing, State and Haymarket will be closed. During this period, they will be receiving new signs and a new coat of paint. According to the MBTA, they plan on replacing 2,250 feet of track as well. Debris will be removed from the tunnels in the Orange Line. The MBTA says parts of these tracks are 40-years-old, so it is vital to replace them.

“We’ll use this opportunity to perform work that would otherwise require additional service shutdowns, including track and tunnel inspections between stations, debris clean up, and platform maintenance,” the MBTA press release says.

For the Red Line, the Park Street and Downtown Crossing stations will be closed during the weekend. Nine hundred feet of track will be replaced downtown. The MBTA will be fixing problems with fare machines, escalators and elevators, as well as adding new lights and paints. Park Street will also be gaining new lights and signs. Tile and stair issues will also be addressed.

For the Green Line, the B, C and D line branches will be closed. There will be about 7,000 feet of track replaced.

“We’ll also use this time to replace 7,000 feet of 30-year-old track on the B and C branches. These tracks were due to be replaced soon, and by coordinating this project with work on the intersections, we’re able to avoid additional service shutdowns,” the MBTA press release says.

Many of these projects were expected to take into 2020 to finish, but Gov. Baker has accelerated them. As traffic in the city continues to worsen, the need for a reliable public transit system becomes more and more dire.

8 Replies to “MBTA Weekend Closures: Park Street, Downtown Crossing, State, Haymarket and Green Line B, C & D

  1. What exactly are ppl to do if all these lines are closed? Are the faires reduced to half?

    And the govenor is wondering why there is so much traffic??.

  2. I thought that these closures were to be scattered throughout the fall. I don’t see these closures listed for this weekend on mbta.com.

  3. They do this work on the weekend so they don’t disrupt weekday commutter traffic. They chose not to stagger the work to get it all done at once. Everyone will be at the Feast this weekend, so no one will notice.

  4. So that they can paint some of the station’s? Those should have been painted decades ago…

    Also…., SO basically the whole green line is shut down.

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