Illuminate the Harbor Returns with Fireworks for 2019 Labor Day Weekend!


Join a celebration of community, love, and the end of summer with Boston Harbor Fireworks on Thursday, August 29th at 9pm. The waterfront and the harbor belong to all of us and we should take pride in all of the communities and public resources that make up the city’s waterfront. Help support our brilliant rainbow-colored fireworks show on August 29th by donating today to ensure a message of love and connectedness light up the skies over Boston Harbor. If we can raise the funds, the Fireworks Fund Committee is also planning on a New Year’s Eve fireworks show at midnight over the harbor!

These dazzling displays over Boston Harbor are visible across Boston’s waterfront communities including the North End, Downtown, Seaport, East Boston, Fort Point and South Boston Waterfront. It is literally a “boom” for residents, businesses and visitors! Let’s make Boston Harbor the center of the city’s attention for two special nights this year.

Help us light up the night! Labor Day and New Year’s harbor fireworks are entirely privately funded by local 501(c)3 non-profits. Donations are tax-deductible and all contributions will go directly to the show!


Want to have a greater impact? Become a sponsor!  Sponsorships are available for individuals or companies. Click here for sponsorship information, recognition opportunities, where to send checks, etc.. Email Christian at or Joanne at with sponsorship questions.

Thank you on behalf of the Illuminate the Harbor Fireworks Fund Committee: Boston Harbor Now, Friends of Christopher Columbus Park, and Wharf District Council.

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