Seniors Celebrate Belated Italian Heritage Month

Earlier this month, seniors from the Nazzaro Center, ABCD Neighborhood Service Center, West End, and Chinatown came together at the coast guard base to celebrate Italian Heritage Month. Typically celebrated in October, this annual tradition had unfortunately been postponed for the Age Strong Community. Attendees were thrilled to finally get to celebrate!

There was plenty of food that was distributed by the Mayors wonderful staff. The fabulous Allan LaBella did a magnificent job entertaining the crowd by keeping the music flowing.  He handed out props and small trinket prizes to seniors that made the event more fun and kept everyone on the dance floor.

There were plenty of raffles that included cash prizes, gift certificates, and giveaways to take home. The Age Strong Community would like to thank Mayor Marty Walsh and everyone who made it possible for the Seniors to have a fun-filled day.

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