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Row House Opening Soon in Lovejoy Wharf – Offers Limited-time 30% Discount

Row House, a boutique indoor rowing studio, will be opening soon at Lovejoy Wharf in the Converse building. Designed to deliver full-body, low-impact workouts for a variety of fitness levels, members will build aerobic endurance and muscular strength while enjoying breathtaking water views, all in 45 minutes, on-and-off the rower. Our classes are designed to be high-energy BUT low-impact so it is suitable for people of all fitness level and ages.

1 of the biggest goals is to create an immersive and positive fitness experience and introduce an inclusive atmosphere that builds a sense of comradery among members, in a neighborhood that has an extremely strongly sense of community and is also undergoing active development and growth.

For a limited-time only, take advantage of the 30% discount of the membership, for life. Make sure you sign up as soon as you can, as this 1-time only deal  has limited spots available.

Any questions, don’t hesitate to call at (857) 702-2ROW (2769). We have friendly staff ready to answer any questions. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook