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Metal Falls from Commercial Wharf Roof Hitting Woman on Sidewalk

Metal debris, possibly a railing, fell from the roof of Commercial Wharf and hit a woman in the head, sending her to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. The incident happened on Thursday morning at approximately 8:30 am to the woman in her 30’s and walking her dog that morning.

Workers had been filling pallets of material from a crane at the front of the granite condo building on Atlantic Avenue in the North End waterfront. A neighbor believes the crane was moving a pallet of material on the roof when a temporary railing was hit and fell down to the street level. An investigation is ongoing regarding the details of how the material and/or railing came crashing down.

The Commercial Wharf East Condominium Association issued a statement after the incident saying the Association “is deeply saddened by the accident that took place this morning, seriously injuring a pedestrian. The Association is fully cooperating with the authorities in their investigation of this tragic event. Our thoughts and prayers are with the injured person and her family during this difficult time.”

Police taped off the entire area, include a piece of metal railing near the bike lane that appears to have broken off the roof of the five story building. Witnesses at the scene said the woman’s condition was very serious when she was taken to the hospital.

10 Replies to “Metal Falls from Commercial Wharf Roof Hitting Woman on Sidewalk

  1. Wondering whether there should have been a barrier before the woman walked by. This is a really horrible accident.

  2. Just horrible! And today at st stephen’s the same thing is happening. They are hauling up metal and pipes on a flimsy rope with no barriers. Pedestrians are walking right underneath. This Has to stop!

    1. They’re starting to replace the bell with a new one but i get you Cynthia, that’s why they say never walk underneath a ladder/that work, when that construction stuff is on the curb. you get what i mean.

  3. So sad. I hope the woman is ok – but no news yet is concerning. City just announced charges against the contractor. The work being done was more than stated on the building permit, if the actual work being done had been listed there would have been required more oversight. I hope there are further inspections in the North End to make sure this isn’t a common practice.

  4. Unfortunately, for all of us, this is a common practice. I reported extensive construction work–a major rehab- without any permits in the building I was living in in the North End. ISD was not at all alarmed and “delivered” permits without reviewing the work. I contacted several individuals in the Mayor’s office (including the Mayor) and didn’t receive a response, although I cited unsafe conditions and sent pictures. There was also a man living in a commercial space below me which was filled with clutter. Same thing.

  5. Talk to Mr Walsh to many permits many unsafe construction areas in the North End. It’s all about Mr Walsh’s pocket he cares nothing about the North End and this is his Platinum Goose it was only a matter of time before a tragedy like this happened. The next day Hugh pieces of steel fell within the TD Garden from guess what a crane thank GOD no one was hurt. . ISD is never there to check out the projects and to secure the area what a disgrace.

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