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Letter: Eliot School and Busing

Letter to the Editor:

I wanted to highlight this post in the NY Times comments section today. It was a response to an article on Kamala Harris and busing. It mentions the Eliot School and a beloved teacher and North Ender, Sandra De Luca.

Here is the post, signed by Sherry:

“As an elementary-aged Bostonian in the 70’s, I was bused. As referenced in the article, there was A LOT of anger, overt prejudice, and all around sectarianism by neighborhood. Boston still hasn’t completely healed, 40 years on.”

I am very happy – and didn’t know at the time, but extremely lucky! – to say that I was bused to the North End, a predominately Italian neighborhood then. My classmates and I were treated respectfully and taught by intelligent and caring educators, 99% of whom were Italian-American women. It was that experience which led to my love for “all things Italian.” On the other hand, some of my cousins, who were bused to other Boston neighborhoods, didn’t receive the same kind of welcome (or any at all) or education.

I am so very thankful for the teachers at the Eliot School, especially Ms. De Luca (my favorite teacher of all time)! I don’t know how successful “Busing” was and its impact on the social landscape, but I can tell you that as a product of it, it was advantageous for me.

Sherry, Boston

–Theresa Maronna, former staff member of the Eliot School.

2 Replies to “Letter: Eliot School and Busing

  1. Sherry, I’ll see Sandra’s brother, Tony, in a few weeks and I’ll pass along your wonderful memories. Sandra devoted her life to her students and was a greatly loved teacher.

  2. Sherry-
    Sandra was my dear friend and fellow teacher from days at the Garrison School until our days at the Eliot. She loved the children and her work and would be so happy to know she was loved and made a difference.

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