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Annual Arts Contest Held at Nazzaro Center

The Nazzaro Center, with help from Public Action for the Arts and Education (PAAE) recently completed its 11th Annual Art Contest, a program that involved over 40 boys and girls ages 6-12 working on art projects over the course of six months, culminating with an awards ceremony at the Nazzaro Center.

Students attending the afterschool arts competition at the Nazzaro Center. First place went to Angela Wells, fourth from right.

The judges for the contest were Judy Ackerman, Alexa DeMarco, SoniaGarufi and Joseph Hill, President. Josephine Lepore, Art Director for the Nazzaro Center during the past 16 years, presided over the awards ceremony, which included various art-related prizes. Prizes were presented to all children who displayed their paintings.

Steven Siciliano, Director of Nazzaro Center, Josie LePore, Arts Teacher, Judges: Judy Ackerman, Joseph Hill, President PAAE, Sonia Garufi of Alan Rouleau Couture, Alexa DeMarco, Board Member PAAE.

“We are so proud to be a beneficiary of PAAE and their commitment to the Arts,” said Josie Lepore. “Without their continued support and involvement, we wouldn’t be able to bring the arts to as many children as we do.”

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