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City Celebrates the Start of One Congress

Rainy and wet weather couldn’t change the delighted spirits for the groundbreaking of One Congress Street.

The new building located at the Government Center garage will be a 600-foot-tall, 1 million square foot office tower in the Bullfinch Crossing Project. When it’s completed, it will be the tallest office building in the city.

A rendering of One Congress

The building is part of a larger project that will transform the Government Center area of over 4.8 acres to include condos, apartments, a hotel and a rooftop garden. The building was designed by Pelli Clarke Pelli.

“As our city grows, we are always thinking about how we bring communities together and this represents that vision,” said Mayor Marty Walsh at the ceremony.

Walsh said that area of the city is already dynamic and draws a lot of attention. He said it is known for sports, being so close to TD Garden, and is a large tourist spot. One Congress will just help that area grow, according to the Mayor. 

“Now we are going to draw more business here and that’s what I like to see,” said Walsh. “Diversifying what this area is used for.”

The developers promised the building will be world-class and that their main priority will be the people working there and creating a welcoming and useful space for them.

“Our focus cannot be on the steel and glass of this building. Our focus must be on the people. People built this building and people will work here,” said Tom O’Brien of HYM Investment Group.

“This is a good-looking building,” Walsh added. 

State Street Corporation will occupy half of the new office building. O’Brien said he has spoken with several different companies about them moving to One Congress and occupying space there, and he is hopeful this will be an attractive draw for the city. 

“Buildings like this change cities and make them better,” Walsh said. 

The building is expected to be complete by 2022.

16 Replies to “City Celebrates the Start of One Congress

  1. The downfall of Boston – formerly known as a ‘provincial charming city’. Ugly, out- of- place building.
    Fill every square inch of empty space. Yup.

    1. Isn’t this where the huge garage was that was built over Congress St? It was never empty space. This is worse than that? It’s also right downtown and next to Gov’t Center, not in any neighborhood. How is that out of place?

      1. Who cares if it goes near Government Center or not the size alone is out of control. The people have list their voice.

      2. Anonymous: Or whatever your name is: It is out of place. Period. Not trying to side with anyone or wish to discuss.
        My comment is what I think and believe. So be it. Stop trying to lure people into arguments.

        1. Not a fan of the size, but it certainly opens up that intersection and much better than that garage.

          1. You do know that the entire garage isn’t being demolished to make way for this building, only about half? I work across from One Congress and can watch the construction from my office window. Not sure how you think this new building is supposed to open up that intersection, since it’s being built on half of what was the garage, and the footprint is roughly about the same.

  2. Mr. Mayor you are out of control. We are not New York City and the revenue that you claim that this building will bring in goes in your pocket and no one else’s what a disgrace. Driving in the business is what you’re all about so when you retire your pockets are full you are disgrace you don’t care about the city.

  3. Steel and glass, don’t see how this fits in with “Green New Deal” that Mayor Marty endorsed. Not that he knows what exactly he bought into, but never the less. I’m sure he gets a piece of this action. Nice new condo? Really wish that State Street’s stock price would reflect their stunning new investment in this building. Looks nice, can’t be worse than the present. How much will this cost us?

  4. The thing that bothers me, and that people seldom mention, is that all these tall buildings block direct sunlight and channel the wind. We are creating a world of concrete canyons in permanent shade. Not very “vibrant” or “world class” in my opinion 🙁

  5. The rendering makes it look more like some of the new buildings going up in London (not NYC) – I’m cautiously optimistic but we just want to be sure Boston doesn’t become a city of steel & glass skyscrapers.

  6. Boston is a sanctuary city & as popular as Boston is right now, I think there will be plenty of immigrants filling up these apt buildings with section 8. The Mayor went over the top, remember this when voting.

    1. I’m guessing that these places will be a long way from section 8. Like almost all the new structures going up these days, these will be out of reach for the majority. Don’t expect these units to help anyone but a few developers and politicians that need campaign funding.

  7. T Mobile-Sprint,
    I was under the impression that a small percentage had to be for Section 8, and you
    are saying No. There are plenty of Section 8 in the No. Station Area, why wouldn’t
    you think it wouldn’t happen at this location? I am not challenging you, I am just

    1. Well, as for me, I can imagine the reflection of light off this monster; imagine feeling dwarfed by this monster if you live nearby; and let us not forget the wind tunnel that tall buildings create.

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