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ABCD Neighborhood Service Center Enjoys Sunny Trip to Rockport

Seniors at the ABCD North End/West End Neighborhood Service Center (NE/WE NSC) enjoyed a slightly chilly, but nevertheless fun and sun-filled day for the annual trip to Rockport.

Andres Molina, ABCD NE/WE NSC Advisory Board Chair, with NE/WE NSC Staff.

Nearly three dozen seniors participated, accompanied by NE/WE NSC staff and volunteers. For many of the seniors, this has been their first outing out of Boston for some time. One senior exclaimed, “It’s so nice to be out in the open sea air!  I love coming each year on this trip!” The bus picked up at the Steriti Memorial Rink in the North End as well as at the Amy Lowell Apartments in the West End so that folks from both neighborhoods could take advantage!

It was a pleasant and scenic drive to the ocean and attendees enjoyed oldies, Italian, and Spanish music, along with water and snacks. Upon arrival, the group dispersed to explore shops and the streets. It was exciting to see the clothing, sundries, sweets, and souvenirs that they purchased with care. The flowers, in bursts of red, blue, pink, and yellow, were in full bloom, even if they did look a little drenched from the recent rain. No matter where you were, you could smell the salt air.

West End residents.

Everyone reconvened for lunch at the Blue Lobster Grill and the air bubbled with conversation. The lunch choices were tasty and fresh, including a fish and chips plate, crab cake, grilled salmon, grilled chicken and cheese, or baked haddock.  

ABCD NE/WE NSC Volunteers and Staff.

The day passed too quickly of course, but all in all there was plenty of time to relax, shop, and enjoy one another’s company and conversation. Several seniors commented to Maria Stella Gulla, NE/WE NSC Director that, with the ongoing winter weather, this was the first real outing they had had in months. The NE/WE NSC is hard at work brainstorming future trips, which may include Cape Cod and farmers’ markets. Please give your suggestions to the friendly staff at ABCD NE/WE NSC!

The trip would not have been possible without the generous support of Senator Joseph Boncore, Senator Sal Di Domenico, Representative Aaron Michlewitz, and City Councilor Lydia Edwards, who sponsored the bus service provided by Local Motion of Boston.  The NE/WE NSC thanks you for all that you do for the constituents you serve and enabling them to have a rejuvenating, educational, and interesting day.

Would you like to join the fun? Please call 617-523-8125 to find out about educational and recreational programming and human services that the center provides.

5 Replies to “ABCD Neighborhood Service Center Enjoys Sunny Trip to Rockport

  1. Sounds like a Great Day going to Rockport~~~”too bad” a lot of Seniors didn’t know about partaking in this trip!
    There are MANY of us that do not belong to a club, or have contacts with the City~~~~so that means~~we loose out~~~~or, maybe by the time we perhaps hear about these wonderful events, they are ALL FILLED UP !!! I’m SURE the City is VERY PROUD in thinking that they DO FOR THE SENIORS~~~~~~~~yes, but only for a few?????

    1. My thoughts exactly. Only time I hear of these events is when I see them posted on this site with pictures after the fact, This particular one listed a telephone number for ABCD — 617 523-8125 — which I plan to call. I do belong to a local Boston library but not the North End one, and I frequent the Boston Elder Services at City Hall every month (for the taxi coupons) I have NEVER SEEN a listing (dates and costs) for any of these local events for seniors — nothing. Does anyone know about these events and how does one get on a listing? Thank you for any help you can provide. (Where’s Joyce?).

  2. Good afternoon,
    I’m so sorry to hear that you had not seen any advertisement for our trip to Rockport. We had the flyer in neighborhood papers as well as online. We would love for you to participate in future events so please keep your eye out for any flyers that we have posted. Additionally, you can contact our office and we will add you to the mailing list for our monthly newsletter so you won’t miss out on anything. The newsletter will inform you of all events in the coming months!

  3. Julia and Matt: Many thanks for your prompt response. I think I will need to pay better attention!

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