Born into an undeniable musical legacy, Louis Prima Jr. picks up the torch lit by his iconic father and leads his incarnation of The Witnesses headfirst into the future. Next stop is the Bandstand of the 100th Saint Anthony’s Feast on Friday, August 23, 2019. 

Their seamless blend of big band jazz, insanely danceable swing and real rock and roll has been wowing crowds worldwide for over a decade. Equal parts bandleader and ringmaster, Prima Jr. brilliantly distills the finest elements of his father’s five-decade career through a contemporary filter, adding his own indelible stamp. “This is the happiest music on Earth!”

Celebrate the 100th Saint Anthony’s Feast with this spectacular performance, as Louis and the Witnesses jumps, jives, an’ wails “Prima-style,” with their own thoroughly modern playlist. Enjoy an evening of classics from the Louis Prima catalog, selections from LPJ & Co.’s two CDs (Return of the Wildest! and BLOW) and a healthy dose of sure-to-please surprises. 

From Passaic to Palermo and Nashville to the North End, they’re bringing Prima music into the 21st century with new energy and attitude to match. Come join the fun at the opening night of the 100th Saint Anthony’s Feast!

The rest of the Centennial Schedule will be announced soon on:

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