Government Meetings

State Senator Joe Boncore Talks Transportation and Legislative Priorities

Senator Joe Boncore spoke this week to the North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) highlighting his legislative and community priorities. Boncore began by thanking past NEWRA President Mary McGee for her service and congratulated his legislative colleague, State Rep. Aaron Michlewitz on being named Chair of the House Ways and Means Committee.

(01:40 in video) Senator Boncore emphasized housing affordability in his remarks to the residents group. He noted that many municipalities around the City of Boston have not kept up in producing more housing units, especially those that are affordable. He also advocated for more zoning flexibility that would allow additional housing units to be created in existing dwellings.

(05:20) As Chair of the Senate Transportation Committee, Senator Boncore spoke about how to modernize and invest in the MBTA as well as initiatives to alleviate traffic congestion. “We need to think about how to raise money to invest in our transportation system,” said Boncore. Through Chapter 90, the State House has provided additional funding to cities and towns, including Boston, toward road and infrastructure repairs. The Senator is also supportive of a bill to enforce restrictions against distracted driving.

(09:00) Questions began at this point in the meeting, covering issues of gun control, public transit efficiency and funding at the MBTA, ferries, drawbridges and general traffic congestion.