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Progress at the Prado

Spring Sunsets

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Easter Sunday, the sun sets. Here facing west from the roof of my mother’s building. Back on Friday, on the subway, to the city to practice. I read a very abridged version of the Srimad Bhagavatam, consumed in amazement by the words on the pages. The subway starts and stops, per usual, I look up and see a person with what appears to be a yoga mat. I keep reading. It’s Passover, the moon is full. The quarters of the subway get tighter the closer as we edge to the city. Again, I look up, this time see a person reading the Bhagavad Gita. Timing is everything, some say but if time does not exist, as others assert, then what is to be done with that? We inhabit a very small section of this car we are on. We are within arms distance of each other. God is closing in on me. She overtakes the immediate surroundings. There is resonance here. She is the immediate surroundings. These are now the thoughts. Here is movement in my heart. This moment, so full, so vibrant. We seem as if strands in a braid. We people on the subway in this small space, closing in and and yet getting bigger simultaneously. We breath the same air. We dig look seek for meaning. One strand alone has strength but when woven together with others the braid is far stronger. The strands are energetic, the dance is vibrational. Internal is now external and external internal. There is a bridge over all the gaps. This is a set up for contemplation of fullness, freedom, connection, transformation. Look around, up and down, what do you see? With all of this today I celebrate life. I celebrate life. #yogaiseverywhere #jayayogacenter #sundaymotivation #strivingfordas #sunset #northendboston #perspective #meditation #contemplation #devotion #bhakti #easter #passover #yoga

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Furry Feature

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