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North End’s Shannon Murray to Run 2019 Boston Marathon to Help Homeless Families

Shannon Murray is training hard to run the Boston Marathon on April 15. Murray’s goal is even bigger than completing 26.2 miles, though — she is raising funds in support of FamilyAid Boston, a local nonprofit that empowers parents and caregivers facing homelessness to secure and sustain housing and build strong foundations for their children’s futures.

This is Murray’s first marathon. She chose to run for FamilyAid Boston because she is passionate about their work. “I have always believed that everyone deserves a fair or an equal chance to pursue opportunities in their lives. However, even with the best of intentions, the ideas behind equality and fairness often do not translate into the world of ending homelessness. This is why I am passionate about an “equity-based” approach. Equity means providing people with the access, tools, and community supports they need to be stable in their housing. This is exactly what FamilyAid provides!”

Massachusetts saw the largest growth in family homelessness in the country last year—a dramatic 17% increase. Boston now has the third highest number of people in families experiencing homelessness – 3,653 – on any given night. This number includes more than 2,000 children.

Over the past year FamilyAid Boston provided over 1,570 parents and children with shelter, housing, and support services needed to return to stable housing. Families who are placed in housing by FamilyAid Boston have a 99% success rate of remaining housed a year later.

Through the John Hancock Marathon Nonprofit Program, and the dedication and support of FamilyAid Boston’s Marathon team, FamilyAid Boston hopes to raise more than $100,000 to create lasting solutions to the family homelessness crisis in our community. To learn more about FamilyAid Boston please visit

To make a donation to Shannon Murray please visit her fundraising page: