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New Greenway Photo Exhibit on Display Between Hanover and North Streets

The Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy’s first installation in a series of artwork making up their 2019 Public Art exhibition, “The Auto Show,” is now visible between North and Hanover Streets in the North End.

Chris Labrooy uses computer-generated imagery in his photo exhibit to subvert and twist cars into new sculptural forms in connection with city and suburban architecture and roadsides. His exhibition features the first ever outdoor photo exhibition of 18 oversized prints, including two commissioned works based on Boston’s Brutalist architecture.

Photo courtesy of the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy.

Labrooy’s is the first installation in this exhibit that marks the ten-year anniversary of the Greenway Conservancy. “The Art Show” will lead visitors to reflect on the former elevated Central Artery and the history of the site as a transportation corridor.

Installations of the various artwork will occur over the next six weeks. In early May, Dutch street and gallery artist SUPER A will arrive to begin work on the new Greenway Wall mural.

“The Art Show” will also include an augmented reality installation in which viewers can download a free app to their smartphone and, holding it up certain places, can see historical streetscape elements from points in time prior to the construction of The Greenway.

“This exhibit responds to the ever-changing nature of what once was a major transportation corridor through downtown Boston, and invites the public to conceive new possibilities in reinterpreting our shared civic spaces. Each of the artists in this exhibit brings a unique perspective on how transportation can reimagine and transform our unique cities for the betterment, by placing these works in the contemporary landscape that is now The Greenway.” – Lucas Cowan, Greenway Public Art Curator

Other works that will be featured include an exaggerated Porsche 924 shaped to look like a UFO, a field of kinetic works that explores our relationship with symbolism, an illuminated stainglassed artwork, and a live demonstration of auto pin striping.