Arts & Culture Event Notices

Create Your Own “Changing Course” Bottle Fish at Boston Harbor Pop-Up Gallery Art Week Event

All are invited to participate in Changing Course, a collaborative art installation at the Boston Harbor Pop-up Gallery at 226 Causeway Street on Saturday, 4/27 and Sunday, 4/28 from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Changing Course takes an innovative approach to recycling by using plastic water bottles collected from the region’s beaches and waterfront to create an artistic representation of marine life. When strung together, the individual sculptures create a powerful school of fish, swimming upstream against the tide of plastics polluting our oceans.

The idea is to inspire a “change of course” in how we think about single use plastics and to encourage the public to become more proactive with limiting their use of these plastics and recycling them when they are used. Installations like this aim to raise awareness of how much plastic waste we generate every day and how quickly it can accumulate in our oceans. If you can, please bring FOUND plastic water bottles to paint.

Robyn Reed’s artwork is made up of about 2,000 plastic drink bottles and has been displayed in Christopher Columbus Park, at City Hall, at Boston Greenfest, and is currently installed at Save the Harbor’s Boston Harbor Pop-Up Museum at 226 Causeway Street  (Next to Title Boxing). This event will be an opportunity for larger groups of people to paint these “fish” and hang them up in the installation space.