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Patriots Fans Fight on Salem Street

A fight broke out on Salem Street near Noyes Place Tuesday afternoon following the Patriots victory parade. You may recognize the background as the Chrysanthemum building.

Here is another video with a view from the sidewalk.

It’s hard to make out what there was to fight about, especially since all seemed to be Pats fans, and most likely not from the neighborhood.

Really, we already won the Super Bowl, so what is there to fight about?!

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29 Replies to “Patriots Fans Fight on Salem Street

  1. This should not read “neighborhood fight.” The individuals involved in this conflict are more than likely not from our neighborhood. I’ve never seen this type of behavior in the 20 years I’ve been here…

  2. They need to do away with these parades: the only thing that comes from them is a waste of tax dollars. People from other towns and cities come here and fight, drink in public, piss in the street, throw up all over the city, make a mess of the trains and cause traffic. Grown men and women acting like bafoons over a football game? Real nice… doesn’t anyone work anymore?

    1. Many people bring their children to the parade to honor the accomplishment of their home town sports team. Sure there are always going to be some A holes who have zero respect for anybody or anything. Someone needs to “out” these people involved and the courts need to stop giving them a slap on the wrist. The overwhelming population of more than a million people were there for a good time on a beautiful Feb. day and behaved themselves. Let’s not indict everyone for the actions of a few. I’ve witnessed this behavior at weddings, funerals, graduations etc.

  3. Victory parades seem to draw losers. They should have scheduled the parade until April 1st. That way the Patriots could celebrate their victory and their fans all in one day.

  4. HMN: You’ve been here ‘only 20 years’ and you’re already brainwashed. When there’s trouble, all the blame falls on kids outside the NE ! Not so. You believe the NE kids are immune to scuffles and brawls???

    1. Heather,

      Not sure what you are getting at. The video clearly shows that none of the people fighting are “neighborhood” kids.

      1. Yeah I’m not understanding the comment she made…I’m definitely not brainwashed…I was commenting on the fact that they were NOT neighborhood kids. Sorry for defending my community and the great folks that live there!

    2. HEather,

      I enjoy this website and love reading the comments. However, and someone let me know if I am wrong please, you’re comments always seems to go against North End people. Kind of seems like you have a long standing resentment towards the members of our community. I do not like everyone I come into contact with but why live in a community where you resent everyone? I just don’t understand. You should be proud of where you live.

  5. They should have the parade in foxboro ,,that’s were the patriots play,, it a sin that all the crazy come to the north end after and get rowdy,,original north Enders who still live here do not deserve this riff raff,,as much as I miss living in the north end it breaks my heart to see what has happened to this beautiful neighborhood,

  6. Agree 100% with Sal…. Yeah, Sal for Mayor! Seriously, DO AWAY WITH THESE STUPID PARADES. Like Sal said….they cost the Boston tax payers money, and most Boston residents don’t even want the crazy parades inside our city limits. The only ones who benefit from them are the over-paid team players and the bar rooms. Do you hear us Mr mayor and governor? “No more throwing away our money on this ridiculous stuff – don’t you know there are children going to bed tonight hungry – wondering why you don’t throw a few dollars their way….seniors, veterans who can’t afford medication?” Shame on both of you! Get yourselves into a confessional box fast! You both have lost my vote!!!

    1. They lost your vote because of a Patriots parade? They might cost taxpayers (not even sure but I’ll concede the point), but the flip side is the economic boom to all the small businesses and restaurants. These complaints crack me up! Always some good comedy on this thread, and always from the same people……so good.

      1. Yes. They have lost my vote for wasting money on these stupid parades. As a Boston property owner I pay A LOT of taxes. I do not want it wasted on this. I dont care about the small businesses and restaurants who will survive very well without the parade following idiots. I care about better roads, better schools, feeding the residents, clothing the homeless, taking care of the needy. Sorry if my concerns are different from yours. Sorry if I was brought up to care about people rather than parades for over-paid sports players.

  7. I’ve been to every parade since 2001. This one, by far, had the most amount of people. Every place on the parade route seemed to go 30-50 people deep.

    When I got back to the North End, I saw a teenager urinating while holding a can of Bud Lite on North Bennett St. He was confronted by an older gentleman who told him to leave, in no uncertain terms. The gentleman was probably in his 70s and he and the kid nearly came to blows.

    I saw another couple with a young child on Salem St. Kid was probably 3 or 4 and the father was drinking beer out of a paper bag. Nice parents.

    Fortunately, I didn’t witness the fight on Salem Street.

    Gross and Walsh have to do something more than tell people “don’t drink in public” because this was, by far, one of the worst things I’ve seen in the North End over the years I’ve lived. here. The feasts are not even close to this type of stuff.

    I hope the city thinks long and hard about holding another victory parade.

  8. Such insignificant psychological pieces of ingenuity who dare to insinuate that we who reside and love the North End should tolerate such diabolical insults.
    Growing up I learned this expression but really hoped I would never have need to use it. Such hatred is very scary and most
    likely will continue over and over again, but of course never where they live. Such tough cowards.
    Hope this new generation goes back to school and takes a course in respect and love. This would surely be a lesson well

  9. This scenario (and worse) would have happened if the parade was held in Foxboro. EXCEPT it would not have gotten A bit of attention. Considering the mega number of celebrants 99.9% were respectful and happy and impeccably well mannered. Stupid behavior by inibriated”Bad End” parade visitors as well as irresponsible amateur camera/video user looking for attention should be ashamed of themselves.

    1. Seems like some of the people who have left comments suffer from selective amnesia. Why are they oblivious to the drunks and fights that happen here every weekend?

    2. Actually, having the celebration in Foxbourgh would make more sense. That is where they play,, it’s their home base. Just a giant parking lot to police instead of trying to police an entire city. That way they could pull from state resouces instead of city resiurces. But if you like this sort of thing, then don’t complain and wonder why your taxes keep going up. Marty and his cronies know how to soend money.

  10. I saw the video it’s ridiculous crazy I was just near there yesterday evening getting some pizza funny the Facebook video was called “Pizza after the parade” 😂 how stupid. All of a sudden the North End become viral i’m just saying that because the NE barely goes viral, here or there on the news but not facebook sharing. Some kids I went to high school with even shared the video.

  11. After thinking about it, these are the same jerks that rip plants out of boxes, knock over signs and puke/pee all over the neighborhood every Thursday-saturday night.
    We need better policing, because these out of control yuppie/college boys destroy the hood every single weekend. Neighborhood kids are the ones left sweeping up in the morning. It’s a shame how the N.E. has been taken over by rich, suburban white kids. It’s like a college campus.

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