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Durgin-Park Closes its Doors

A Faneuil Hall landmark will be closed by the end of this week. 

Beloved restaurant Durgin-Park announced they will close their doors for good on January 12. It has been open since 1827. 

CEO of Durgin-Park’s parent company, Ark Restaurants, Michael Weinstein said the restaurant was no longer profitable and that the closure was inevitable. 

The establishment is one of the oldest in the city. Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt and Calvin Coolidge have visited the restaurant. It is named after Eldridge Park and John Durgin. 

The restaurant has built a funny reputation of having some of the rudest waitresses in the city. 

“The waitresses, who seem to resent your presence, are rude and famous for it,” read The New York Times in 1985. 

However, the restaurant over time became a beloved landmark where families came together. 

“It’s sad to see it go,” said Boston resident David Siegal. “It’s just one of those places that when you think of Boston, you think of this place.” 

Seigal said one of things he loved most about Durgin-Park is the atmosphere. 

“It was family-friendly,” he said. “It was a laid-back place where you can just sit back and relax and enjoy good food. There is no pretense there.” 

Patrons of the restaurant flocked to social media to express their sadness over the sudden closing. 

“Very sad to see it go. It’s Boston history and should have been preserved,” said Jim Bennette. 

“Durgin-Park was a remnant of the past where hearty food at a good price in a working man’s dining room is the daily fare,” said JM Rodkey. 

The establishment was most known for their legendary Boston baked beans and Indian pudding. The almost 200-year-old restaurant has a second location at Logan Airport, which opened in 2013. 

The owners are looking for someone to buy the space.

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  1. We are 10 old people who want to come to durgin park for last time we used to go since we were kids..thursday nite at 7 pm 617 331 8101 deidre malloy charlestown ma

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