Duane Lucia Returns as West End Museum Executive Director

Duane Lucia, West End Museum Executive Director, January 2019.

Duane Lucia, a local historian, community activist and arts enthusiast, has returned to his role as the Executive Director for the West End Museum.

Lucia will replace Susan Hanson, who served from July 2015 through December 2018.

Prior to Hanson’s leadership, Lucia actually served as Executive Director for the Museum from 2012 – 2015, before moving to New Jersey. While away, he remained an active board member for the Museum.

Lucia expressed excitement about returning to the West End where he has long been actively involved in the community, having co-founded the West End Community Center and West End Children’s Festival, as well as serving as President of the West End Civic Association.

He spoke about the future of the West End Museum saying in a statement, “I think the next level for The West End Museum is to present more sophisticated programming and exhibitions. I’m proud of those we’ve done at the Museum over the years, but now I want to explore the interface of art and historical storytelling.”

In Lucia’s role as Executive Director, he will work to increase programming and boost visitor numbers with more exhibits. He will also aim to advance fundraising efforts to ensure the Museum’s future.