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State Rep. Aaron Michlewitz Honored at ABCD Community Heroes Celebration

Representative Aaron Michlewitz and Maria Stella Gulla, Director. Photo credit: Don West / FOTOGRAFIKS

On October 26, ABCD held its annual Community Heroes Celebration. This fundraising event pays tribute to the agency’s volunteers, people who make a world of difference in the lives of the most vulnerable among Boston’s diverse neighborhoods.

The hero for the ABCD North End / West End Neighborhood Service Center (NE/WE NSC) site was none other than the North End’s very own State Representative Aaron Michlewitz.

Each awardee gets to bring a special guest, so in attendance as well was State Representative Michlewitz’s wife, Maria.

State Representative Aaron Michlewitz as everyone knows is a life-long North Ender, having grown up in the neighborhood with his parents. Listening to him is a living history lesson, as he and many other local residents have seen the transformation of the neighborhood through the years. When he comes to the NE / WE NSC, he always jokes with the seniors that he had many mothers and grandmothers in the neighborhood, so he knew he had to stay out of trouble or his mother would have heard by supper time!

As a young boy, Michlewitz played little league and hung out at the Gassy on Prince Street, and his love for the neighborhood, especially the seniors and families, not to mention his decades of political experience, have made him the down-to-earth, friendly, hardworking advocate for the neighborhood.

Rep. Aaron Michlewitz has been an outstanding friend of the ABCD North End / West End since 2005, when he was a legislative aide to Speaker Sal DiMasi, and ever since his own election as a representative in 2009. Through the years, he has advocated tirelessly to make seniors’ lives better. As a North End neighbor himself, Michlewitz is well recognized with the seniors in the neighborhood, and has been known to assist personally with snow removal on snow-covered stoops and sidewalks. He can often be seen in the neighborhood greeting residents and asking what they need.

“As an elected official it is my duty serve my constituents and help them with any services they may need. Having ABCD as a partner helps me to properly serve my district efficiently and effectively. From hosting events for our seniors in the North End to the Head Start for our South End and Chinatown residents, ABCD and its staff goes above and beyond for citizens of the City of Boston.” – State Representative Aaron Michlewitz

Maria Stella Gulla, Director ABCD North End / West End NSC added, “I know that I can call on State Representative Aaron Michlewitz and of course the other elected officials for the neighborhoods to bring our center’s seniors and families the services they need. It is a huge benefit to have a connection with someone who has roots to the neighborhood. That is so meaningful for the constituents we serve.”

L-R ABCD Sharon Scott Chandler, Exec. Vice President; John Drew, President CEO; Michael Vance, Vice President Field Operations; Maria Stella Gulla, Director NSC; Rep. Aaron Michlewitz and Yvonne Jones ABCD Board Chair. Photo credit: Chris Aduama

Aaron regularly attends events at the ABCD North End / West End Neighborhood Service Center, so seniors should be sure to check out the NE/WE NSC’s monthly calendar of events. Through the years, Aaron has advocated for the NE/WE NSC including, but not limited to, a state earmark; the donation of buses for field trips; turkeys and gift cards for the holidays; and last but not least, with sweets and gifts for monthly senior events. He is always a sought after celeb for the NE/WE NSC’s annual Buona Sera fundraising event, and pointed the North End / West End NSC in the direction of participating restaurants and celebrity guests to make the evening a success.

Thank you, Representative Aaron Michlewitz, for your much-deserved award and for your tireless advocacy and service to not only the North End, but the entire third Suffolk District.

In It Together – The 2018 ABCD Community Heroes Celebration at the Boston Copley Marriott Place Hotel on Friday, October 26, 2018. Photo credit: Chris Aduama

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