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Reader Poll: How Do You Feel About Amazon Choosing Other Cities for Their New Headquarters?

Amazon announced Tuesday morning that their second headquarters will be split between Queens in Long Island City, New York and National Landing in Arlington, VA, according to the Boston Globe.

Boston had been considered a top contender for the new headquarters, suggesting Suffolk Downs in East Boston for Amazon’s campus; but in the end, it was not meant to be.

Amazon will bring 25,000 new jobs to both Long Island and Arlington, as well as 5,000 jobs to a new online retailer operations hub in Nashville, Tennessee. WBUR points out that Amazon has still expanded its presence in Boston with a new 900-person office in Fort Point. They have also said they’ll be bringing 2,000 new jobs to Boston’s Seaport in 2021.

What do you think? Are you happy Amazon’s new hub is headed elsewhere? Share your opinion by voting in our poll and adding your comments in the section below.

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6 Replies to “Reader Poll: How Do You Feel About Amazon Choosing Other Cities for Their New Headquarters?

  1. A company is going to go to the place that gives them the best deal. Walsh gave away the ranch to get GE here.

    1. Wrong company to give to, looks like they will need more. If you’re going to give away the ranch, then do it to a growrh company. GE is fading away along with it’s stock and bond ratings.

  2. …. a wrong fit for our city. Amazon would carry a mess of problems in their backpack. Boston is a small provincial city and we residents are trying our best to keep the history alive without large companies moving in with an onslaught of workers, traffic and renters.

  3. So glad
    Traffic is a nightmare in Boston already. Let’s manage that before any more major ventures and/or expansions. First things first!

  4. I am thrilled over the fact that Amazon did not come here. The traffic in Boston is horrendous, the Charlestown
    Bridge will be under construction & the Casino will be here & we certainly do NOT need anymore traffic problems.

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