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Redcoats Occupy Boston Again, 250 Years After 1768 British Troop Landing [Photos]

Long Wharf was once again the site of a landing of British troops, as re-enactors commemorated the 250th anniversary when the seven-year occupation of Boston began in 1768. A Revolution 250 event, “Boston Occupied: An Insolent Parade” featured over 150 Redcoat actors who occupied downtown Boston over the weekend. After landing, the British marched to Boston Common where they setup an encampment. In the evening, the Redcoats were seen occupying streets, restaurants, bars and hotel lobbies in the area, before retiring to their encampment on the Common. Enjoy this photo gallery of the event by Gerri Palladino.

The reenactment is the first of several anniversary events being planned by Revolution 250, a consortium of public history, cultural tourism, and not-for-profit organizations formed specifically to celebrate the anniversary of the American Revolution and Boston’s seminal role in the in the momentous era.

Photos by Gerri Palladino.

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  1. The spell-check must have been programmed by a Brit Loyalist. In the very last sentence, the pesky thing turned “seminal’ into “Seminole.” As everyone knows, the Seminoles were an independent tribe in Florida, and not in Boston.

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