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Marshall Music Scholarships Awarded to Four Local Children at NEMPAC

The North End Music and Performing Arts Center (NEMPAC) and State Representative Aaron Michlewitz recently selected Anna Carey, Caroline Carey, Preston Horan, and Vera-Lyn Routhier Gomez as the four recipients of this year’s Geraldine Marshall Music Scholarship.

(L-R) Sherri Snow, Ex. Director of NEMPAC, Dana Carey with daughters Anna and Caroline; Rose-Marie Gomez with daughter Vera Lyn Gomez-Routhier; State. Rep Michlewitz; Lauren Horan with son Preston Horan.

Each recipient was carefully chosen through an application process to receive a full year of music lessons or a performing arts class program of their choice.

The Geraldine Marshall Scholarship was established in 2015 by Geraldine’s son, Representative Aaron Michlewitz. Ms. Marshall, who passed away at the age of 68, was born in Dorchester in 1946, moved to the North End at the age of 21 and settled here for almost 50 years before her passing. The fund preserves the legacy of a woman who loved children and the arts.

“Helping children grow an appreciation for the arts is so vital to their overall educational experience. To be able to help children in the North End with NEMPAC gain that education is something we are very proud of and thankful to all those that have helped with this year’s scholarships. Congrats to the winners!” – State Representative Aaron Michlewitz

Rep. Aaron Michlewitz with the four recipients.

This past May, State Rep. Michlewitz hosted the 3rd North End Cornhole Classic to support the fund. The event continues to generate so much support from neighborhood businesses and supporters who help us to continue offering youth music scholarships. Thank you again to the sponsors especially Boston Barber,, Ducali Pizzeria, Il Molo Restaurant, Gee How Oak Tin Association, Linda & Gerry Riccio, Harold Michlewitz, Strega, Ward 8, The Wild Duck, Terramia Ristorante, The Dogfather.