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St. Padre Pio to be Celebrated at September 23rd Procession

A procession honoring St. Padre Pio in recognition of the Feast Day which celebrates the 50th Anniversary of his passing will be held on Sunday, September 23rd. The processional will begin at 9:30 am at the US Coast Guard Base on Commercial St in Boston’s North End. The Coast Guard color guard will lead the procession.

Please join organizers Anna D’Amore Sirignano and Natalina Tizzano D’Amore as they proceed through the streets of the North End. Following the procession a Solemn Mass will be held at St. Leonard Church on Hanover Street beginning at 12 noon.

View the schedule of 2018 processions and feasts in Boston’s North End.

13 Replies to “St. Padre Pio to be Celebrated at September 23rd Procession

  1. Does this mean there are two feasts that weekend? I’ve heard rumors that there is another new feast on Hanover Street that weekend. What gives?

    1. San Gennaro was rumored that weekend, I’d say 75 % of Hanover Street will be blocked off with all the restaurants setting up vendors outside. This is what I heard. I also heard in a couple of years, not this year, a 5 day feast not a 3 day one.

  2. Not sure where you guys are getting your information. Padre Pio is just a procession and San G. is a NY feast. They did have a seven day feast on Hanover St. about 50 years ago.

    1. I got my “Information” from some people (North Enders) I know, he told me and I wish to keep his and my name annoymous, that Frank Depasquale and Nick Verano are behind this and that a statue of San Gennaro may be brought over from Italy. I heard in 2020, now I’m hearing this September. Yes I know that Padre Pio is a procession (I attend that) and San Gennaro has there 10 day feast in NY. Michael D

  3. Nonsense, we have lost Feasts Saint Rocco, Saint Joseph two mention the Feasts are struggling and that is information you can bring to the bank.The costs of running a Feast is prohibitive ,from what I have seen is attendance is down and I have been going to the Feasts since I was a kid so I see the difference .People will visit take a photo in front of the Saint,listen to some entertainment and walk through the Feast without spending a penny.The societies are struggling and I know this for a fact.People would not believe what it cost just for the entertainment. Finally the two guys you named are not going to invest money in Feasts trust me.

    1. I”ve been going to the feasts since I was little too even though I’m a 90s born. I’m sure you would know who this is if I said my last name, which is why I’m keeping anonymous. Yes you are correct when it’s comes to the feasts struggling, societies, etc. I’m not sure if those two guys could invest either, but I am not nosense when it comes to the info I was told. I wouldn’t of metioned it if I wasnt told it.

    2. Ik St Rocco don’t have their big feast anymore and St Joseph that saint goes way back, I’m just as disappointed as you are. I glady got to help outwith those two processions this year.

      1. Those guys just landed a giant score in getting a restaurant permit in the Everett Casino. So I doubt they are going to get involved in a Feast.Since you go back a bit ,I will tell you what a wise lifelong NEnder told me years ago which was “in ten years you wont recognize this neighborhood” and boy was he right.

        1. in 2028 I might not recognize it. I’m a Maniscalco, idk if you know Charlie or not, my dad. I just know some people that told me about this possible feast of San Gennaro coming to Boston and then about Padre Pio realic. I understand that you and my dad came from a different era ik what the North end is going through. I have no disagreement with you at all.
          I feel it’s ok to put my name now.

  4. Charles M ,in the are I grew up In the Feasts is long gone.We didn’t have much other than each other and the Feasts were sacred to many of us.Lets put the cards on the table most of the the people who live here today despise the Feasts because their a inconvience to them for 4 weekends a year. They dont understand the tradition and honestly could care less.On the opening night of the St. Agrippina I must have watched at least a half dozen people walking their dogs through the Feast St.In my era every window was open with residents throwing out $ as the Saint went buy their buildings ,we even had woman and little girls carrying a sheet so the residents could throw coins out their windows into the sheet. I have all the respect in the world for the Societies and the people who have kept this treasured tradition going on for a hundred years.But I see the writing on the wall sadly and fear that the Feasts will soon be just a memory and it wont be long.

    1. I agree, it has changed a lot even I can say it. All the punks last year, yuppies making complains. I really don’t want to see them go. Big changes need to made. It’s tradition for me, you, and all the other North Enders. It means a lot. I’ll be there tonight. Ik those feasts was your era I wish that era can return. St Joseph get there feast back, St Rocco etc.

  5. Charles M, it breaks my ♥ as I can now walk through the entire NE and just as the old-timer predicted and warned me years ago that I don’t see 10 people I can recognize. They destroyed this once proud neighborhood for the pursuit of the almighty dollar. SAD.

    1. I know it sucks, I feel you like if they pull the switch on all the feasts I will be disappointed. The North End needs to wake up, toughen up. I don’t live there even though I was created there (pun intended) some of the news I see on here annoys me.

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