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Friends of Cutillo Park Formed

Cutillo Park is one of the oldest public parks in the City, and has long been neglected.  Preservation and improvement of the North End’s few public open spaces is important to the community and the City.

Anyone who is interested or wants to help can visit our Facebook page or sign the petition to the City of Boston here.

One Reply to “Friends of Cutillo Park Formed

  1. I wish the residents there good luck and success. Another North End playground, on Foster Street, has also been neglected for years. The ground is collapsing from the weight of cars parked there and the area is a filthy mess. A few years ago, Resident Parking signs mysteriously went up, yet the property is still listed under the Parks and Recreation Department. Don’t know of any other city playgrounds used as a parking lot. New residents don’t know that it has always been, and is still listed as, a playground. Of immediate concern is repaving the surface and keeping the area clean. Of historical interest, I recently discovered that Paul Revere once own a portion of the property. It was the site of his famous bell and canon foundry. The city needs to fix up and keep clean the Foster Street Playground.

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