Armenian Heritage Park Hosts Final Tea & Tranquility of the Season

After days of rain and dreary skies, the sun broke out from the clouds for a beautiful afternoon just in time for Armenian Heritage Park’s Tea and Tranquility event on Wednesday afternoon.

Walking the labyrinth (NEWF Image)

Tea and Tranquility, a regular summer event series, gives out tea and sweet snacks to those visiting the park. They are also encouraged to walk the Labyrinth as a method of meditation.

Walkers are encouraged to focus of the three R’s when they are walking, which are Release, Rest, and Receive. Walkers are supposed to release all the stress they have been feeling that day and take in the beauty that surrounds them. When they get to the center of the Labyrinth, they take a moment and rest. Finally, when they are done, they are supposed to receive the new sense of relaxation.

Amanda Lanton was visiting Boston from out of state and just happened to come across the Armenian Heritage Park.

“It’s really beautiful here,” she said. “Boston has some great parks and this one is one of the prettiest. This is a little nice piece of area in the middle of a big city filled with tall buildings and all that comes with an urban environment.”

Lanton said walking the Labyrinth was fun and rejuvenating all at the same time.

“It’s a clever idea,” she said. “It something different. You don’t see these type of events often.”

The evening was the final Tea and Tranquility event for the summer. The evening was hosted by The Bostonian Hotel & MEM TEA Imports.

Inscription on the Abstract Sculpture (NEWF Image)

Earlier in the summer, the park revealed the annual reconfiguration of the sculpture in front of the Labyrinth, which represents immigrants coming to the city to find and make new homes and lives for themselves.

“If I’m ever in Boston, I would do this again or at least visit the park,” said Lanton.