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Baby Born on Prince Street Sidewalk

A baby just loved the North End so much, it couldn’t wait to get out of the womb! A woman gave birth on the Prince Street sidewalk yesterday in the early morning hours.

The location is close to Hanover Street across from Assagio Restaurant and the St. Leonard Church Peace Garden.

Curious onlookers wondered whether the baby might be named, maybe Prince?

5 Replies to “Baby Born on Prince Street Sidewalk

  1. Over the years I have personally seen many things happen on the streets and sidewalks of the NE.THIS HOWEVER IS A FIRST.

    1. Incredible hope the mom and the baby is ok and safely was brought to the hospital. History was just made in the NE.

  2. ANTHONY a good name for a baby born in the North End on Prince Street Hope mother and baby are ok

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