Connect Historic Boston Bike Trail Video Highlights North End Cycle Track

Streetfilms recently created a video of the Connect Historic Boston Bike Trail that highlights the cycle track along Atlantic Avenue and Commercial Street in the North End.

In the video, Boston’s Active Transportation Director Stefanie Seskin explains features of the track such as the green paint to highlight intersections, raised entryways where cars cross over the bike path so vehicles have to slow down, and permeable paving that helps manage storm water.

The video also talks about the reasoning behind the center-of-the-street bikes lanes in front of TD Garden.

A few Boston transportation employees and advocates are interviewed, including Charlie Denison, Transportation Advocate for LivableStreets Alliance who says, “It’s exciting to see so many people riding, especially on the Blue Bikes, really giving tourists, commuters and residents the ability to get around safely and just enjoy being in the city.”

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8 Replies to “Connect Historic Boston Bike Trail Video Highlights North End Cycle Track

    1. They are going to need to enforce these like traffic tickets, where the ticket is applied to a driver’s license. If no US driver’s license, the arrest and fine.

    1. Two wrongs don’t make a right. You came back with the typical canned response for people who never think bike riders do anything wrong.

      I will challenge anyone to stand at the intersection of Congress St. and Hanover St. and count how many bikes run the red light vs. cars. I see it every single day. People who think cars run red lights at the same rate as bikes are either blind or lying to themselves. VERY few bikes stop for red lights.

      1. Gary, I watched an old lady crossing a street in the crosswalk with a red light get cursed out by a bicyclist because she was in his way. I told him off and told him to learn the rules of the road.

  1. The bicyclists also don’t pay attention to people in the crosswalks that are walking across the bike lane after crossing the street to get onto the sidewalk. I have to not only look while crossing the street, but look while crossing the bike lane too.

  2. The “never bike” media on this page remind me very much of the “never trump” media of the main stream breed! MBGA

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