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Boston Pride Week Comes to Faneuil Hall [Photos]

With a colorful flourish, LGBTQ+ community members and New England natives waltzed their way into Faneuil Hall Marketplace over the weekend to celebrate Boston Pride Week’s 18th anniversary.

They came with an idea to celebrate the LGBTQ+’s identity and culture. The celebration was no disappointment. Smiles, applause, tears and fainting: all this was expected.

A few paces to the east was where I met with the festivity called “Zumba”. It was a raised platform surrounded by multicolored balloons. At the top left and right corners of the platform black speakers exuded music. On the platform a dancer tried to foster spirit to what already was a lively crowd.

Most of what symbolizes Pride week—unity, love, triumph, resilience—seemed to be a shared emotion among the Quincy Market masses.

Pregnant mothers, grandfathers, loving friends, children who resembled animals with their faces painted as such, danced and bounced in unison with one another and with the music. It was a lively affair.

And it was not only heard, it was felt.