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Armenian Heritage Park’s First “Tea and Tranquility” of 2018

The 2018 season configuration of the Armenian Heritage Park Structure.

Peace, quiet, meditation, and tea. All this was found at the first Tea and Tranquility event of Summer 2018 at the Armenian Heritage Park last week. The Park recently revealed their new configuration of the abstract sculpture in front of their labyrinth.

As a part of their regular Summer Tea and Tranquility series, tea and sweets were available to those who visited the park. People were invited to walk the Labyrinth for an evening cool down meditation.

Katrina Piehler, a Labyrinth Walking – Greater Boston organizer, greeted people at the entrance of the Labyrinth to educate them about it. She says there are three “R’s” to consider when walking the Labyrinth. “Release, Rest, and Receive,” she said.

While walking into the Labyrinth, a walker is supposed to release all the stresses and thoughts from the day. As the walker makes their way toward the center, they are encouraged to rest for a moment and enjoy the water fountain in the center. Then, when they head back the way they came through the labyrinth to get back out, the walker is supposed to receive life as a newly meditated person.

A Friend of The Armenian Heritage Park, Susan Deranian, described the purpose of the park’s structure. She said that the structure changes each year to symbolize how immigrants (from all over the world) have to assimilate to their new cultures. The water that flows down from the structure leads to the fountain at the center of the labyrinth. She said this symbolizes rebirth and the new life immigrants find in their new homes.

See the photo gallery below for photos from the event.

The next Tea & Tranquility will be Wednesday, July 18 at 5:30 p.m. For a complete list of the park’s Summer 2018 events, head over to